Friends and Wins| thirty days of elle

Something that makes you happy. 

A lot makes me happy. A LOT. But my friends make me happy.

Well, most of them…most of the time:)

My friend Kelsi loves baseball like I love Grey’s Anatomy or New York.
Last year, our English class required three entries in an “obsession journal” each week, Kelsi’s was baseball, mine was Grey’s.

Kelsi and I went to two baseball games this weekend. I grew up around the sport, and Kelsi’s obsessed, so it’s fun.

Maggie and Michelle were also there.

We went to Newks. It was good.

Then we went to the baseball game. We lost, but it was super fun anyways.


Kelsi and Maggie, our mom and chauffer. 


My pal Suzie.


And then we had Yogurt Mountain. 

‘Twas a fun and happy night with some super sweet, fun, and happy pals‼️🌷

Happy Opening Day!⚾️

P.S. Some of these pics were from the second game I went to🙈‼️‼️

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