Dreams | thirty days of elle

Something like Dreams and Goals.

e i g h t e e n.

I believe we have already established that I am absolutely no good at setting goals for myself. I don’t really have any. 

But dreams (or plans, as I like to call them) include this-

Wildest Dream:

Take GPAs and ACT scores and money off the table- I’d graduate from Harvard- not sure what my degree would be in, but I’d go into politics. I’d work alongside someone and once they gained the presidency, I’d be their press secretary.

I love the United States. I love government. I love to talk. I think it’s a good job. 

As well- the first Press Secretary served under President Lincoln as his assistant, or maybe even his right hand man (like

Hamilton and Washington…however, A. Ham was in charge of the treasury department), but under Wilson’s administration is where the role became more media involved. 

As technology and media are thriving, I feel as if this role may become even more important in the days to come- but, it’ll never happen for me 🙂 
Toned down Dreams: 

1. I love to write. I guess that’s obvious, right? I do have a blog, where I write. I think it was something I kind of hid for a while, and until it was known, I didn’t know I could love it like I do. Does that make sense? It’s become something that brings me joy- So I also have a dream of being a journalist…who lives in New York. I’ve expressed my love for the city to you, yes? To combine those two loves would be a DREAM. COME. TRUE. Seriously- however, I can’t decide if I’d rather be a political journalist or a fashion journalist. 

2. Another is to simply become a doctor. I think I’ve had this dream longer than any others in my life. It started when I was young, and I’ve carried it with me my entire life. We’ll see. I’ve thought about being every type of doctor there is- I still can’t decide. I think I’m back to being Alex Karev’s right hand man (LIKE HAMILTON AND WASHINGTON, however they didn’t perform surgery) in pediatric surgery. That’ll change, so don’t worry. 

3. I also want to be a history teacher- it seems small compared to the rest, but I love it. I think it would be so cool to teach a subject, all while creating the subject at the same time. Am I right? My 6th grade history teacher taught me to love history, and my 10th grade history teacher taught me to appreciate history. I think that’s pretty cool. BUT, I do also think every year that I might want to be a teacher…last year it was algebra because I had a rockin’ algebra teacher, and in seventh grade it was English because I had a rockin’ English teacher, and In 6th grade it was history- because I learned to love it because my teacher was rockin’ (also- since when did I start saying rockin’?) BUT maybe this time is different. I think it is. I hope it is- I’m really looking forward to that John F Kennedy cut out I’m going to put in my classroom (just for you, AK, just for you).

4. And like I said yesterday, I’d love to be Joanna Gaines. Fixing up farmhouses and such- SO STINKING FUN. Minus the animals- I don’t really want goats. Sorry, Jo. 
So there are my dreams for life all laid out for you. It’s unfortunate that I can’t have them all-isn’t it? 

Also- I looked up rockin’ to make sure I even used it in the right context🙄😂

Have the happiest Friday- or should I say have a rockin’ Friday! 

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