Life | thirty days of elle

Here’s number 14 for ya.

Not even sure what the prompt is- but I’m just going to write a little life update.

I still have this cold that I talked about two weeks ago.
Yes. TWO weeks ago. It’s a lot better now, but I’m on my second dose of antibiotics. Thrilling- my nose wishes it would go away.

My birthday is in F O R T Y days. That’s the most exciting, am I right?

Exams are this week, and I am STRESSING out. Seriously- I should be studying, but I’m kind of not feeling it at this point. It’s 11:00 and I’ve been studying for hours.

Spring Break is next week- Thank Goodness. It was a hot winter, so at least our spring break won’t be cold this year?

I’m still not on actual social media. Lent is going well.

Today is my friend Michelle’s birthday- at least for the next hour…From your super big heart to your super spunky hair…I love you, Suz!! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face! Happy Birthday to ya, Friend!

I am trying to decide between two different science classes for next year. A tad stressed about that.

I’ve recently become addicted to watching Fixer Upper and I’ve decided I just want to have Joanna Gaines’ job when I grow up.

My mom told me my feet stink today.

That’s about it. I’ll see you tomorrow- maybe. I might just pick up over spring break…WHO KNOWS.

Maybe the S u R pR I Se can be fun, right?

Anyways Adios.

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