Lent | thirty days of elle

I’ve failed at this.
I’m sorry.
I’m kind of forgetful, so just bare with me here.

Day—T h i r t e e n
Yes, I’m finally doing it. Just a week late.

I don’t like today’s prompt, because I can’t think of anything to write.
So, I’m picking up here.
For the next 46 days I won’t be on social media. However, I’ll be here- I have way more time on my hands now, and I don’t consider this quite the same.

Crazy how social media C O N S U M E S us, isn’t it?
I took a break earlier this year to spend more time with the Lord. It was SO refreshing.
During that time I nearly finished Uninvited by Lysa TerKurst (sp?)- I’m not a reader, but it’s a good one- I recommend it!
At the time I wrote this post:
…It’s a really, really bad habit I have. Waking up in the morning and reaching for my phone. Opening it up without even realizing what I’m doing…tapping on Instagram, or Facebook, or opening a Snapchat.

I sit there and stare at pictures. I stare at people’s triumphs, or heartaches…fun trips or games they went to. Sometimes I’m even sitting there staring straight into the face of rejection.

Doesn’t that put you in some type of super duper grouchy mood?
When you see that your good friends have been hanging out and didn’t invite you? Or friends that you had previously made plans with ran off and did something without you? Or you even see some girl who looks nothing like you, but is someone the world continues to tell you is the image of perfect beauty?
Y’all- Snapchat is the devil. For sure. But I reach for it daily, instantly in the morning to make sure that my friends and I don’t loose our 200 day streaks. It’s become a big, bad habit.

A lot of nights I stay up late working on assignments that are due the next day. It’s rare (by rare I mean it doesn’t happen) that I come home without homework, and a lot of nights, it’s a lot of homework. So sometimes, it’s 1 (give or take) A.M. and I’m finally finishing my reading guide…I go hop in the shower if I haven’t already, brush my teeth, put my retainer in, and go get in the bed. By then, I’m so tired, so once again, instead of reaching for His word, I’m reaching for my phone…just to probably stare at the face of rejection one last time before I go to bed.
It’s like a drug- there is something about it that is SO addicting. I can’t even stand to go without it.

So that’s where I took a break-
I needed (and still do!) to focus more on understanding the depths of God’s love and living in His fullness, so that I can be wholly obedient to him.
As children of the king, that is our task: Be Obedient.
The rest is his job. So, If we are obedient unto God, if we bask in his fullness…

He WILL handle everything else.
Every anxiety.
Every fear.
Every stress.
Every rejection.

He will heal it. He will comfort it. He will end it. His fullness will surpass it.

That is so stinking cool.
So now, here I am, explaining to you how I’m going to do it for even longer (making it even harder) to observe how GOOD God is.
This 46 days is a time of hope and repentance…a time to observe how crucial the cross is to our lives.
We take that for granted. It’s like we become numb to the idea of how powerful it truly is sometimes.

Anyways, I say all of this to say that this is why you won’t see any pics on my Instagram or Facebook, or any Grey’s tweets on my twitter.

Also- publicly expressing it gives others the opportunity to hold me to it.
So thanks.

See you back here tomorrow for more about me…Basically, today’s interesting fact was that I am partaking in Lent and I wanted to tell you about it.




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