Goals, Pride, Tunes, and Pals | thirty days of elle

Well, I may have completely forgotten about day 8…and 9…and 10…and 11. 
So consider this day 8 and 9, and 10, and 11, AND TWELVE. 
To be fair- I’ve been sick all weekend. So, that’s my excuse for not showing up. 
We’ll start with day 8. 
Today is about short-term goals. 
One of them is to make it through this semester, and another is to get rid of this disgusting cold that I have. I just got an antibiotic, so I should be on my way to feeling much, much better soon! 
This Saturday is the mock exam for my My APUSH class. Another short term goal is to do well on that! 
I don’t really know. I should probably start setting goals for myself. 
Day 9, is about something you’re proud of in the past few days. 
I’m proud of my blog- of the way I write. Someone complemented it just the other day, and it truly made my heart smile. 
For the longest time it was something I was so nervous about doing, but now, I’m so glad I did. 
Also- I’m proud of my driving…we’re getting somewhere👍🏻👍🏻

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so now: Day t e n.
Songs you listen to when you’re HaPpY, when you’re SaD, bOrEd, hYpEd, MaD…
I listen to the same songs constantly. I have two playlists: 
LMM, and the best Jesus Music. 
So that encompasses Hamilton, the Hamilton Mixtape, Moana soundtrack (basically just the songs Lin sings), and then these songs: 
[Hope this super duper late post makes your ears super duper hApPy]
And Day e l e v e n.
another picture of you and your friends. 
we’ll just go for a few pictures…ya know, take a lil’ stroll down friendship lane. 
My beautiful Big Stuf roomies
Susan Michelle^^
I really love oLIVia and this picture and my pants.
Madeline, Margaret Allen, and I in Auburn this fall!!
 The one where Monica, Rachel and I crushed it.
The sweetest friends.

Madison, Me, Sammi, Abby Kate, and Meredith
Emma, Sarah, and I as Mike, Boo, and Sully
Mary-Harbin…just a gal that has been my gr8 pal for
nearly twelve years but doesn’t know my birthday.

and now for day T W E L V E.
thank goodness. 
How you found out about blogger, and why you made one.
Not sure how I found out about blogger, but I made one because I love to write, and a friend told me to. It was enough, so I went for it.

So far, It’s been exciting. 


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