coffee, coffee, more coffee | thirty days of elle

Day Cuatro.
Today was supposed to be about a Bad habit I have, but I really wasn’t feeling it. 
I bite my nails, okay? 
I also procrastinate. A lot. 
But enough about that…
I love coffee, so I thought maybe I could talk a little about that today instead. 
College students love coffee shops, too. 
Since I live in a college town…We’re infested with them..Coffee shops that is.
Well, students too.
I love Starbucks, but I love Heritage House more. I’m pretty sure HH is a local thing…so if you’re ever in T-town, or if you live here…you should give it a try. 
Anyways, here is a list of my top favorite drinks from both places:
  1. Carmel Macchiato(⭐️💵) AHHHH. With extra caramel drizzle…TO. DIE. FOR. It is a layered drink with milk, expresso, and caramel…and it is TOO good. 
  2.   Snowflake Royal (HH). There’s something so super duper about this. I just love it so much! 
  3. Caramel Frappe (⭐️💵) It seems traditional. It’s good. It’s sweeter than a Macchiato, so if you aren’t feeling the expresso, go for it. 
  4. Eskimocha (sp.?) Latte (HH)! Chocolatey Caramel goodness. 
  5. Through the Holidays, Starbucks had this A M A Z I N G drink called a Caramel Brûlée Latte (⭐️💵). It was the best thing I have ever had off of their menu. But as soon as the clock stuck midnight and it became 2017- they got rid of it. I hope to goodness they bring it back this year!!! 
  6. Frozen Hot Chocolate (HH)!!!!!! I got this once before I liked coffee and I still love it today! 
  7. White Chocolate Hot Chocolate (⭐️💵) is always super sweet.
  8. My very first Starbucks love in the 5th (maybe?) grade was a strawberries and cream Frappe (⭐️💵) I love strawberries:) 
  9. Okay, Okay, Okay. I’ve got to add in another shop. Dunkin’ has THE BEST iced coffee. THE. BEST. I love it. Order ya a caramel (sensing a trend here?) with cream and sugar. It won’t disappoint ya. 
  10. SIMPLY BECAUSE I need to expand my coffees and try new things and because I am out of ideas…You know, if all of this sounds horrible to you…Water is great, too. No doubt it looks best in a Starbucks cup. 

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Anyways, Happy Monday. Go kill the day and grab a cute drink while you’re at it.☕️

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