Day Three…Ginger | thirty days of elle

Today is a story about a girl who hates selfies and L O V E S attention.
When I saw that this was what today was about, I’m pretty sure I squealed.
“A picture of your Animals”

I’ve got more than one.
I mentioned before that I love cats, yes?
Well that love is all because of Ginger the cat…she’s my best friend.

Our friend found Ginger sometime after a tornado swept through our town in 2011. She was just a tiny little kitten! My friends and I donated some things to an animal shelter soon after the tornado, and they invited us back to see the dogs. I was afraid that I would be too sad to look at the dogs/too afraid of the dogs to go back, so a nice lady offered to let me look at the cats.

I don’t know why I went, because I had been praying and praying and praying for a dog and 10 year old Elle didn’t even like cats.
But, I did and I fell in love with two orange kittens.
Little did I know that Ginge here was living with another super nice lady who had friends for her to play with!

We got Ginger soon after coming home from the beach early that summer, and she quickly became by new BFF.

However, we don’t know if she was actually in the tornado or not.

Here is a fact for each year she’s lived:

1. Her made up birthday is May 4!
2. I am her favorite person, although my mom likes to pretend she is.
3. Ginger likes for us to nap together sometimes.
4. She loves to climb on top of doors and then loudly meow until you come get her down…
5. She will be SIX this year!
5.5. Her birthday was chosen to be in May because we already had too many April birthdays in our fam.


Super thankful for Ginge…She’s the greatest.

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