The Ten Most Important Things I learned in Tenth Grade

Today concludes my academic career as a sophomore in high school. As of 11:05 today, I am officially a Junior. In honor of that, I thought I would share with you the top ten things I’ve learned this school year. 

  1. Time Flies. It feels like YESTERDAY that I was walking into school every day with a pit in my stomach and shaking throughout my first period class. 180 school days have gone by in the blink of an eye…I cannot even handle it. 
  2. Confidence is Key. I’m lacking in confidence. However, I’ve had a teacher who has constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY encouraged me to be confident in myself. I’ve recently seen what confidence reaps, and I want to have it all!! 
  3. If it is meant to be, it will be. The Lord’s plan is sovereign, and he will have his way. Now, I’ve known this my entire life, but I’ve never really believed it and clung to it as I have this year. I recently had a sweet friend share this with me before some interviews I had. If we let Jesus take the wheel, He will have His way. This became my prayer- I literally clung to it for 5 weeks waiting to hear the results from one of them. It’s a truly comforting truth. He is always so good. 
  4. History is Happenin’. Yes, I just stole this line from Hamilton, but it’s truth!! My history class was by far my favorite this year, it was a really cool experience, and I learned SO much + so much history is literally happening right now, so it was really cool to learn about it as we experienced it this year. 
  5. I learned How to balance/ manage a loaaad of work. This year has definitely been my most homework heavy year, so I’ve learned how to use my planner in an even more efficient way to make sure I’m getting things done on a balanced schedule so that I can try to go to bed around 11 or 12 every night, rather than 8 one night and 3 the next. 
  6. My school really is the best school in America. I’m pretty sure last years morning announcements began with something about being the best high school in America. I’ve seen this year how it’s the truth. From screaming in Adams’ Army (our rockin’ student section) on Friday nights, to watching and adoring the staff each day, to sitting alongside some of Hillcrest’s most devoted students in the classroom, and with having the honor of leading as an Ambassador, I’ve been able to see how it really is the best. I’m so thankful I get to be apart of it all. 
  7. I also realized that I should take risks and trust God more. I was terrrrrified of my APUSH class, I was terrrrified to try out for some things I tried out for, I was terrrrrified to take a bunch of challengeing classes again, I was mildly scared to take my drivers test, and all of that really worked out for me. But, (I studied Esther & did a project on her for my Bible class I took this year…I know, cool, right) God has a plan and he created us for what could possibly be “such a time as this.” So, that’s all the more reason to step out and trust Him!!
  8. Speaking of driving- I learned to drive. It wasn’t until September that I really started driving (I turned 16 in April), so I learned a lot of driving in 6 months. Now, I’m zoomin’ all over the place. 
  9. If we are obedient to the Lord, he gets the glory and we get alll the good. That we don’t deserve. Ever. As His children, our task is to be obedient to Him. If we do that, we get the good stuff- the healing, the joy, the grace, the peace. Alllll of it. I’ve seen that good more this year, than ever. It’s so humbling because WE DO NOT DESERVE IT but He constantly gives it. 
  10. One less-than-best test grade does not define you. Your worth is found in your creator. Knowing who you are in Him, and being secure in that is most important. One bad test is one grain of sand in the beach of your life. It will be okay. 

With all of that being said, I’m thankful for new friendships, changes, sweet teachers, an incredible school, and a faithful God. It’s been a SWEEEEEET one + I’m so excited for the next two years. Go Pats always. God is good. 

Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!

Last Night, we threw a surprise graduation fiesta at mì casa for Hannah and Maggie, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. 

I think the biggest piece of fun was the fact that my sweet friend, Michelle, and I somehow managed to keep it a secret. For most people, that’s an easy task. For us two, not so much.

Once everyone got there, we all stood at the door waiting for what seemed like forever for them to show. We figured Maggie would be on time, and we worried that Hannah would be late, so we sent Maggie for tomatoes, and when Hannah got to the house Abby Kate went out there to “talk” about some issues. Then when Maggie showed up, Michelle and AK walked them to the door where we all screamed “SURPRISE!!” ​

After we explained this big surprise, we had one more surprise from all of the girls. 

About a week before the party, I asked all of our Bible Study girls (did I mention Hannah, Maggie, and Jen are our Bible Study teachers?) send me a note and pictures for a scrapbook for each Maggie and Hannah. 

My baseball page for Maggie. Their letters from me had a theme- I included 3 dates, the day we met, the day they became my Bible study teachers, and the day they’ll graduate.

This is the only picture I have of my page for Hannah…it’s the blurriest mess, but still cute.

Hannah’s Globe, Scrapbook, and Cross

Maggie’s globe, Scrapbook, and Cross

H & M looking at their scrapbooks

After this we ate. I forgot to get a picture of the food. 

The pre-food table? Looked much better with the food🙄

And then we partied and took pictures and had the most fun celebrating our graduadas (I think that’s right)!!! 


Okay, now I need a siesta. 

My Dear, Graduting Friends

To some of my dearest-

Right now I’m crying, but I’m mostly just smiling. Smiling of how G O O D (incredibly good) the Lord has been to me in giving me you. Smiling of the memories we share of my first years of high school and your last years of college. Smiling of birthday cards, sweet chats, and letters in the mail, and of D-Nows, baseball games, group snapchats, and parties we’ve shared.

My heart and prayer for you is that you go onto a new adventure where God uses your gifts of super kindness and super encouragement to bless someone else the same way those gifts of yours have blessed me. I pray that God uses you to be all the encouragement and spark that someone else needs, just like you did for me. I pray that you love with your whole heart- like you’ve loved the Lord and each of us in these years we’ve shared. I pray that you change lives- as you’ve changed mine, that you change the world as I know God will use you to. I pray that this new chapter of life will bring you joy, like our friendship has given me, and that it will provide you with the happiness of seeing everything you’ve dreamed of fall together. I pray that you’re successful wherever you go, and I pray that teaching and nursing are everything you’ve dreamt them to be. 

I cannot wait to watch you each succeed in every aspect of life these next years. 

As your friend, and sister in Christ, I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you for being everything I’ve needed in a friend and encourager- I love you with half my heart, AND half of Michelle’s. 

Your friendship is truly a treasure- I can’t wait to watch you share that treasure and spark with some incredibly blessed patients and students. 

No matter how far apart we are, I’ll always send you birthday cards 🙂 

Congrats, you little grads! 


Your super proud pal, Elle❤️

3 Books on My Bookshelf | thirty days of elle

I am not a very big reader. However, I do enjoy it when I have time and it is not forced upon me 🙂

  1. A Streetcar Named Desire- the Pre-AP freshmen are reading this right now, so I joined in, and I am, too. 
  2. Alexander Hamilton’s Biography by Ron Chernow (hope I got that right). 
  3. She Reads Truth– if you love the app, you’d love the book. I read it in about 2 days. It has an incredibly cool, TRUE message. 

So you have it- three random books on my bookshelf!

Incase you were wondering, Wonder is my favorite book. 

Failure and Food | thirty days of elle

I have a large fear of failure.

I feel that I’ve failed at this thirty days thing. I’m really sorry. I truly am. 

Anyways, Day 22 was what makes you different than everyone else. 

I see it in my creativity, in the perspective I have on certain things, and in my lack of confidence. 

So yay. There was 22.

Now for 23. I don’t exactly remember what it was- something like favorite foods or something?

Chick-fil-A. It wins every time. I also love Newks. So there you have it 🙂 

Friends and Wins| thirty days of elle

Something that makes you happy. 

A lot makes me happy. A LOT. But my friends make me happy.

Well, most of them…most of the time:)

My friend Kelsi loves baseball like I love Grey’s Anatomy or New York.
Last year, our English class required three entries in an “obsession journal” each week, Kelsi’s was baseball, mine was Grey’s.

Kelsi and I went to two baseball games this weekend. I grew up around the sport, and Kelsi’s obsessed, so it’s fun.

Maggie and Michelle were also there.

We went to Newks. It was good.

Then we went to the baseball game. We lost, but it was super fun anyways.


Kelsi and Maggie, our mom and chauffer. 


My pal Suzie.


And then we had Yogurt Mountain. 

‘Twas a fun and happy night with some super sweet, fun, and happy pals‼️🌷

Happy Opening Day!⚾️

P.S. Some of these pics were from the second game I went to🙈‼️‼️

Abventures |thirty days of elle

Touring Tuscaloosa 

We can’t decide on a name for this segment, so for now, I’m calling it “Abventures.”

Meet my friend, Abby Kate. DSCN3101.JPGI like to call her Abigail Katherine, though, that is not at all her name. Abby plays tennis, has two dogs, loves Disney, drives a Volkswagen, devours a Baja Blast, and loves Jackie Kennedy with all of her heart.

Abby and I decided that we’d start touring the town and blogging our adventures. So, here is our first Abventure:

…We had plans to visit a cute little antique shop on Main Street, but it closed. So, we ended up going to Capitol Park Antiques. DSCN3107.JPG

It had as many gifts as it did Antiques, but here it is: DSCN3100.JPG


This might be my fav


Nicknames | thirty days of elle 

Nicknames you have, why you have them

My name is actually a nickname. 

Elle (Ellie) is what I go by, but my actual name is Eleanor. My middle name is Leigh. 

So, yay. Now you’ve heard all about my actual nickname-name. 

Some friends call me El sometimes for short- I don’t get how it can get any shorter than Elle. 

My Instagram is also @doctorellee so that’s my nickname, too. 


Happy Saturday and Happy Nicknames!

-Doctor Elle

Dreams | thirty days of elle

Something like Dreams and Goals.

e i g h t e e n.

I believe we have already established that I am absolutely no good at setting goals for myself. I don’t really have any. 

But dreams (or plans, as I like to call them) include this-

Wildest Dream:

Take GPAs and ACT scores and money off the table- I’d graduate from Harvard- not sure what my degree would be in, but I’d go into politics. I’d work alongside someone and once they gained the presidency, I’d be their press secretary.

I love the United States. I love government. I love to talk. I think it’s a good job. 

As well- the first Press Secretary served under President Lincoln as his assistant, or maybe even his right hand man (like

Hamilton and Washington…however, A. Ham was in charge of the treasury department), but under Wilson’s administration is where the role became more media involved. 

As technology and media are thriving, I feel as if this role may become even more important in the days to come- but, it’ll never happen for me 🙂 
Toned down Dreams: 

1. I love to write. I guess that’s obvious, right? I do have a blog, where I write. I think it was something I kind of hid for a while, and until it was known, I didn’t know I could love it like I do. Does that make sense? It’s become something that brings me joy- So I also have a dream of being a journalist…who lives in New York. I’ve expressed my love for the city to you, yes? To combine those two loves would be a DREAM. COME. TRUE. Seriously- however, I can’t decide if I’d rather be a political journalist or a fashion journalist. 

2. Another is to simply become a doctor. I think I’ve had this dream longer than any others in my life. It started when I was young, and I’ve carried it with me my entire life. We’ll see. I’ve thought about being every type of doctor there is- I still can’t decide. I think I’m back to being Alex Karev’s right hand man (LIKE HAMILTON AND WASHINGTON, however they didn’t perform surgery) in pediatric surgery. That’ll change, so don’t worry. 

3. I also want to be a history teacher- it seems small compared to the rest, but I love it. I think it would be so cool to teach a subject, all while creating the subject at the same time. Am I right? My 6th grade history teacher taught me to love history, and my 10th grade history teacher taught me to appreciate history. I think that’s pretty cool. BUT, I do also think every year that I might want to be a teacher…last year it was algebra because I had a rockin’ algebra teacher, and in seventh grade it was English because I had a rockin’ English teacher, and In 6th grade it was history- because I learned to love it because my teacher was rockin’ (also- since when did I start saying rockin’?) BUT maybe this time is different. I think it is. I hope it is- I’m really looking forward to that John F Kennedy cut out I’m going to put in my classroom (just for you, AK, just for you).

4. And like I said yesterday, I’d love to be Joanna Gaines. Fixing up farmhouses and such- SO STINKING FUN. Minus the animals- I don’t really want goats. Sorry, Jo. 
So there are my dreams for life all laid out for you. It’s unfortunate that I can’t have them all-isn’t it? 

Also- I looked up rockin’ to make sure I even used it in the right context🙄😂

Have the happiest Friday- or should I say have a rockin’ Friday! 

Joanna Gaines | thirty days of elle

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why. 

Joanna Gaines. 

My mom and I have recently become obsessed with watching Fixer Upper. It’s SO. GOOD. Design is definitely on my list of jobs and ideas for my future- this show takes that to a whole other level.

I think I’d be fun to be her for a day…Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Her job is super duper awesome. I’d like to experience it.
  2. Her style is even more super duper awesome. I’d like to own it.
  3. She not only does the whole house thing, she owns a market- a bakery- AND some silos? Super cool. I’d like to do that, too.
  4. She’s apparently as down-to-earth as she seems.
  5. She’s very open about her relationship with Christ.
  6. Her farmhouse is simply the cutest.
  7. She’s the boss- being the boss seems fun.
  8. She has her own blog. Who doesn’t love a good blog?
  9. She’s from a small town, but she lives a super big life.
  10. Again, she’s just super duper awesome cool.

So you have it.

Right now, I’d be Joanna Gaines.